National e-Learning Center

National E-learning Center is one of five different projects that have been established by The Information & Communication Technology Project (ICTP).
The ultimate goal of this project is to establish the National E-Learning Center (NELC) at the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) to manage and monitor the establishment of e-learning in the Egyptian universities. The NELC role will be confined to putting the policies and regulations and establishing the global e-learning infrastructure in the Egyptian Universities.
Moreover, the necessary platform for e-learning will be developed by NELC. 
To facilitate the development of e-courses, it was mandatory to establish eLearning centers in all the Egyptian universities to help the fast and continuous contact between the faculty members and the development team.
Advances in information communication and technology in Egyptian universities provide opportunities to build well-designed e-learning centers at each university project. This project works on two axes:

  • E-Learning for everyone and everywhere. By establishing an e-learning environment by which instructors can be connected with other students.

  • Provide an adequate e-Learning environment to not only regular students but also the students who do not have an opportunity to be regular students.

In such an environment, tasks are challenging and meaningful. That will encourage researchers at information technology, communication, computer science, and education to look for more efficient e-learning systems. Moreover, they can find a good opportunity to fund their researches.
We have (22) Sub-Centers at Egyptian universities, contain all the equipment required, and all the human resources.
Now, NELC joined the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) in January 2009, after the end of the first phase of the ICTP project. And we are now responsible for the evaluation of E-courses which produced in the Egyptian universities.





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